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Spring 2014 ES302 projects: James Holcomb Original post: Tue 2/4/2014 at 1:22 PM

You want to expand Sustainable Lifestyle Housing to include at least one – hopefully all – class areas. This will look different depending on the halls chosen, and part of your project will probably entail describing/drawing/presenting what those will look like.


Part of the argument for expanded green living will be based on the current students’ experiences (the social side of sustainability), so you can be looking to collect those in writing, photos, video, etc. in the coming weeks.


Another part of the push is from the financial savings (the economic part of sustainability), and this would be a good use of your interest in eco-business.


Other things to think about:

-      marketing to students to encourage them to apply for housing – this will revolve around housing application deadlines.

-      what physical features green housing should include

-      what community engagement practices to include

-      possibly making a wicked nice video highlighting green housing and possibly connecting this with FP-TV as a regular show

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