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Spring 2014 ES302 projects: Julia Smiley Original post: Tue 2/4/2014 at 1:27 PM

Julia Smiley, my student from last semester’s ES202 Sustainability Seminar, is now in ES302 Sustainability Project, and would like to pursue the development of an FYI course that focuses on sustainability. I have advised her to get in touch with you and to attend the next Curriculum Committee meeting, if that’s alright, to learn more about the process. I also showed her the course proposal form I submitted for ES203 and ES204 to give her a sense of the work involved, and asked her to give more thought as to how the course would work – what students would read and discuss, what activities they would be involved in, what guest speakers and topics the course would include, etc. She also knows that she needs to identify a faculty member who could teach this course.

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