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Resources for Sustainability Center's Strategic Plan There are 2 replies:
Resources for Sustainability Center's Strategic Plan Original post: Tue 12/10/2013 at 9:25 AM
I'm starting this thread as a place to keep exemplary strategic plans for sustainability at other universities; feel free to add your own findings, too.
Campus strategic plans that include sustainability: 
Wake Forest:
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Re: Resources for Sustainability Center's Strategic Plan Posted: Tue 12/24/2013 at 9:35 AM, in reply to Jess Gerrior
From "9 Practice-Guiding Questions for 2014" on the Interaction Institute for Social Change blog
2.  How can we transform our work—and encourage others to transform theirs—so that we begin with with the people who are most adversely affected, support their ability to make change, and take our direction from their thinking, priorities and passions?
2.  How to spend more time building community?  Nurturing the structure of belonging?  Authentically making meaning together?  What if the work of justice actually flowed from invigorated community structures?

2.  What new kinds of liberating and disruptive group processes can we create and use to yield greater and more rapid collective development, insight and innovation?

3.  How can we leverage networks, living systems thinking, and the business case for social equity to create generative economic structures that serve  all  without compromising our short and long-term collective prospects on this planet?

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Sustainability Center's Strategic Plan - agenda for Jan 9 Posted: Mon 1/6/2014 at 11:57 AM, in reply to Jess Gerrior
Here is a brief agenda for our January 9 Sustainability Council - Executive Committee meeting. Please feel free to add! I've composed this in the form of questions to help us focus our meeting, and of course we can change this as needed.
What is the overall purpose of a strategic plan for the Sustainability Center? Who is its intended audience? How should it be used?
What are the boundaries of the strategic plan? (e.g. Does it use an operational approach, as with the Climate Action Plan and Greenhouse Gas Inventory?)
What has been done already? What useful examples exist? What experiences or lessons learned can we glean from past/present strategic planning?
Whose input should be sought in developing each component of the strategic plan? What is the right process for gathering this input?
What is the expected date of completion, and intermediate benchmark dates?
What documents and resources will be helpful in reaching each benchmark? 
Who will review, edit, assess, track, and communicate the strategic plan?
Are we asking the right questions?
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