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Notes from 1/9/14 SC Exec Committee meeting Original post: Wed 1/15/2014 at 10:43 AM

Attended: Jess Gerrior, John Harris, Catherine Koning

Question for Administration: What is Administration's vision for the Sustainability Center, and the Center's role within the institution?

Purpose of strategic plan is internal, to identify priorities, for using time wisely, keeping stakeholders focused, and meeting institutional needs; a list of purposeful, meaningful action steps

Goals for this strategic plan:

  • strike a balance between general and specific goals

  • provide measurable benchmarks and a process/goal for assessment

  • complete by the end of spring semester


  • John & Catherine will co-lead strategic planning around academics

  • Doug & Bob will lead on non-academic areas (facilities, purchasing, recycling, energy, etc).

  • Jess, together with committee, will lay out a framework containing mission, major goals, steps already achieved, and suggested future steps.

  • Sustainability Council members and community members will form 3 strategic sub-groups: academic, co-curricular (Student Affairs, Facilities, etc.), and community

  • Suggested community partners include MDS, Sodexo, Lake Association, Town Gown committee, PSNH, Conservation Commission, Clean Air-Cool Planet, Cheshire Co. Conservation Dist., Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium

  • after meeting in sub-groups, committee members will conduct strategic planning at a retreat (date TBD). John has a grant application for funds specifically for strategic planning; do we want to pursue? 

Guiding documents:
Monadnock Institute did strategic planning with NECCL, led by Lee Bruder
Other institutions' strategic plans for sustainability (in binder) 
Question for Sustainability Council members:
Given limited resources, what is the best use of the Sustainability Coordinator's time/focus? (examples: education, classes/demonstrations, physical plant, student affairs, etc.)
What should be the focus with regard to the visibility of our efforts (recycling, housing, energy, dining)?
What are we already doing well? What have we been doing that should change? What have we not been doing enough of or where are there good opportunities to do more? 
Dates/locations for strategic planning meetings and retreat? 
Catherine, John and Jess discussed goals/action steps to include, such as:
  • student "champions" - SGA officers or others who attend Council meetings and drive decisions
  • a designated Sustainability position within SGA
  • connecting with all campus events so recycling is practiced and visible - cultivating new habits 
Jess is working on a draft document and is seeking input from Council members to structure the strategic planning retreat. 
When draft is ready, Council will invite Provost, Dean and CFO to review 
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