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February update on green commencement planning Original post: Wed 2/5/2014 at 11:57 AM
From Jess to Sarah Dorsey:
  • I have reusable water bottles for the honorary degree recipients and important people on stage. They are black aluminum bottles with a subtly printed, branded FPU Sustainability logo on them. Please let me know how/where to drop these off for filling.
  • We discussed at the Sustainability Council meeting today how important it is for recycling to be convenient, well-marked and visible at Commencement. Doug Lear has this on his radar; please let me know how the Sustainability Center can support this, too.
  • Any other opportunities you can think of to reduce the environmental/economic/social impact of the day's events, I am very happy to work with you and your staff - anything from printing on 100% recycled stock (and getting it recycled), to promoting carpooling, to purchasing trees or credits to offset our carbon footprint, to picking environmentally-friendly vendors... whatever you think we can do!
Sarah to Jess:
Water Bottles - As we get closer to the event, I will provide you with the drop off for the water bottles.  Most likely we will have you deliver them to Sodexo for filling and placement.  Thank you for arranging these!  I am assuming that our guests are able to take them with them as they depart the event?
Recycling at Commencement – I love the idea of making it more accessible.  I will work with Doug as we put together our logistics plan for the day and if there is anything particular that they can’t support, I will definitely come to you for ideas on how to facilitate it.  Normally, my logistics plan comes together with a request for specific numbers of waste containers, so I will make it a point to increase the number of recycling bins available and will brainstorm on how we can make attractive signage that will promote this important practice.
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