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Spring 2014 ES302 projects: Eileen Kelly Original post: Tue 2/4/2014 at 1:23 PM

You're planning to conduct a semester of sustainability education with middle school and high school students in the ConVal school district. You're aware that there are some environmental awareness activities going on already, such as composting and gardening at South Meadow and recycling club and Harris Center programs at Great Brook. You have existing relationships with past teachers and current school board members which is great. You should check in with the Cornucopia Project to find out what they have planned at the ConVal schools next year, as I'm not sure how much the teachers and staff at the schools know or are involved with that - they may be, I just haven't heard. 


I'm also going to request that Peter Martel, who is working with a local group of leaders to gather collaborative support for renewable energy in the ConVal towns, send you an invitation to that group's next meeting. I think it would educational for both you and them, and I'll definitely let you know what he can offer. 


In terms of "green threads," we may have to make an exception with your project to allow you to count the Wilderness or WalMart course or Ecology as one of your threads. You also have your Intro ES course and Water Resource Management, and you'll want to give careful consideration as to how these threads apply in a practical way to your project. 


This is an exciting project, and with any luck, you'll convince some more ConVal students that FPU is serious about sustainability and that it's where they want to go to college! 

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