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Spring 2014 ES302 projects: Michael Selling Original post: Tue 2/4/2014 at 1:24 PM

You're planning to use the materials and tools available to you through the arts program to create clay pots, and sell them along with soil and seeds (seedlings?) during Earth Week. The proceeds of the sale will benefit the studio and enable students to attend the NCECA conference. (I checked it out - it looks really cool!)


Possible "green threads" that you identified and will want to work on more are from Wildlife Conservation Management and Wetlands Ecology. I think you should be able to incorporate your ceramics classes as well.


You may want to talk with Jay Brown, since he is planning something similar with glass cups made from bottles. That way both projects can be advertised/promoted as part of the Earth Week festivities, saving resources and making more of an impact. Let me know if you want me to forward this message to him.


You will need to have your sustainability project proposal for ES202 done by February 21, which is much earlier than most of your classmates in ES302, but that's fine since it will help keep your work focused and on track.


Looking forward to this project! 

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