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Spring 2014 ES302 projects: Mike Haskins Original post: Tue 2/4/2014 at 11:37 AM


You are taking on a project to get upper-class students living in the apartments to change their recycling habits and actually use the recycling system. This is also known as community-based social marketing, and I recommend you read this resource (at least a few of the most relevant chapters) because it will really help you formulate both your attack plan throughout the semester and your sustainability project report at the end of the semester.

You'll want to be in touch with Stephen Keimig and Jay Brown, to find out what they have done or have planned, because their interests definitely overlap with yours. I've cc'd them here just to keep them in the loop; you may want to take your ideas further and collaborate.


We discussed making Earth Week a focal point in the semester, perhaps conducting a contest or "recycling wars" - but with the intention being to instill recycling as a regular, ongoing practice, not a one-time deal. This will take more planning and lead time than you might think, so please work with the Res Life staff in those areas from the get-go. We also discussed how important it is for recycling and other sustainable practices to be student-led (vs. being imposed by some administrative position like the Sustainability Lady).


In addition to the reading, think carefully about how your green threads tie in here. You mentioned alternate energy and your intro ES courses in your project proposal. Besides Creating Sustainable Communities, think about how another course from the Green Earth list can be integrated into this project.

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