Using the Freshman Courses Reports

Once you have received a Registration Packet in the mail at your home address, you are ready to select your classes for your first semester at Franklin Pierce! If you wish to work with an advisor to help select your courses, please call us at 1-800-437-0048.

Below are three reports with information to help you work through your Pre-Registration Worksheet and select your courses. There is a list of all courses that are open and available to you as a first year student ("All Freshman Open Courses with Schedules"), and separate reports containing more detailed descriptions of the First Year Inquiry & General Liberal Education courses.

Please click the title of the report, which will open in PDF format in a new window.

Each report will automatically refresh with live data when it is generated: the date and time that the information was pulled will be noted in the top right corner of each report. To re-generate the report with fresh data, be sure to click the Freshman Course Reports link to the left, and re-open the report from the beginning of the process.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these reports: Reader may be downloaded for free from the Adobe website.

Academic Catalog : Course descriptions & curriculum guides.