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Now Accepting Applications for 2019-2020 Faculty Development Funding.  

Total funds available: TBD 

 Changes to the application process for Faculty Development Funds - COMING SOON

(for September applications please continue to use the old method)

FDC's Mission

This committee will identify and carry out programs for enhancing the professional development of faculty members individually and collectively and will review proposals regarding the Faculty Development Fund described in Article Nine (9) of the collective bargaining agreement between Franklin Pierce University and the Rindge Faculty Federation.

Meeting/Review Dates

 Wednesday September 4, 2019 (Submit by noon on Friday August 30, 2019)

Wednesday October 2, 2019 (Submit by noon on Friday September 27, 2019)

Wednesday November 6, 2019 (Submit by noon on Friday November 1, 2019)

Wednesday December 4, 2019 (Submit by noon on Friday November 29, 2019)



Faculty Development Applications - Due by noon the Friday before the FDC monthly meeting

New Guidelines for Development Funding - COMING SOON.

The FDC is changing the application form (and possibly the method) for faculty to apply for development funding.  However for the first round of applications (those seeking approval at our September meeting) please continue to use the old 2017-2018 application and upload to the September folder on the discussion tab.  

To apply for faculty development funding:

  1. Download the Development Funding Application form in the Handouts section to your desktop. 
  2. Read the faculty development funding guidelines.
  3. Fill out downloaded form and save your application as: Last Name_Development Application
    1. Example: John Doe_Development Application
  4. Upload your application in the current forum (organized by month) on the discussion tab of this CampusWeb group.



The University updated its travel policy!!!  The new policy raised the meal maximum to $63 per day as of January 18, 2019.  Please refer to the updated travel policy (see handouts below) when applying for faculty development funding.

Faculty Research Support Applications

New Guidelines for 2020 Research Support Funding - COMING SOON.


Faculty Development Fund Guidelines and Application Form

Updated 2018-2019 Guidelines now available!  Budget has now been verified by administration. 

(.docx, 22K)

Please use this form when applying for Faculty Development Funds. 

(this form still reads 2017-18 but should be utilized until a new version becomes available)

Save files as: Last Name_Development Application_Month 2018

(.pdf, 513K)

Please refer to the UPDATED 2018 Travel Policy when applying for Development funding.

(.pdf, 126K)
Faculty Research Support Fund Guidelines and Application Form

Updated 2019 Guidelines now available!

Save files as: Last Name_Research Support Application_2019

(.docx, 31K)

Use our checklist to make sure you've included everything you need for your research support application.  

(.docx, 17K)
Research Application Examples

Committee Membership 2019-2020

Robert Anzalone                         2019- 2021

Rudra Aryal                                 2019- 2021

Christine Betts                             2018- 2020

Verna Delauer                             2019- 2021

Seamus Pender                           2018- 2020

Shannon Stroble, Chair             2018- 2020

Student Representative  - Elizabeth Kleiner